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February 7 - The Archive – 12pm

Glenn Wharton (NYU, Museum Studies)
Dennis McNulty (artist, Ireland)

Required Reading:

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February 28 - The Ephemera(l) – 12pm

Tommy De Frantz (MIT, Theatre Arts & Dance)           
Julie Strandberg (Brown, American Dance Legacy Institute)

Required Reading:

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Supporting Reading:

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March 7 - The archive as representation – 12pm

Jennifer Blessing (Guggenheim Museum)
Patricia Ybarra (Brown, Theatre Arts and Performance Studies)

Required Reading:

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March 21 -  The Archive and Time – 1:30PM

Andrew Cochrane (Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, UK)
Chitra Ganesh (artist, NY)
Mary Ann Doane (Brown, Modern Culture & Media)

Required Reading:

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Supporting Reading:

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April 4 – The ethics and affects of archiving the ephemeral – 12pm

John Schofield (University of York, UK)
Nick Ridout (Queen Mary, University of London, UK)
Rebecca Schneider (Brown, Theatre Arts and Performance Studies)

Required Reading

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Supporting Reading

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April 7 – Artist Conversations – Evening Event

Chitra Ganesh
Corin Hewitt
Mariam Ghani
Moderated by Patricia Phillips (RISD)

April 18 – Ethics of Uncertainty & Oblivion – 12pm

Sheila Bonde (Brown, History of Art and Architecture / Archaeology)
Ian Russell (Brown, JNBC / JIAAW)

Required Reading:

Piccini, A. 2009, ‘Of fevered archives and the quest for total documentation', in L Allegue Fuschini, S Jones, B Kershaw and A Piccini (eds) Practice-as            Research: in Performance and Screen Media. London : Palgrave Macmillan.

Supporting Reading:

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