The Archive of Everything

12:52 PM Posted by Hollis Mickey
Artists Ward Shelley and Douglas Paulson have been working on the collaborative project "The Archive of Everything" since 2004. Versions of "Archive" have been exhibited in galleries in New York and Cologne, as well as Biennale Bonn, 2004; Basel/Miami, 2005 and 2006; Dumbo Arts Center, Brooklyn, 2006; DeCordovaMuseum's New England Biennial, 2010; Santa Fe Center for Contemporary Art, 2010. "Archive" was part of Independent Curators International's traveling exhibition "Slightly Unbalanced" at six venues in the US and Canada.

The archive is apparently comprehensive including everything from Frequent spelling errors to the Communist party's Buying habits. But, it has no clear organization.

Some iterations of the installation have included the artists living within the archive (in cardboard boxes) and engaging with audiences.


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